Fairway Pro Ultimate Divot Simulator

Practice The Way You Play.

Every golfer who is serious about the sport understands the importance of practice. Yet golfers who don't have access to real grass must settle for practicing on range mats that do not react the same way natural turf does. Until now. Fairway Pro, the ultimate golf practice device, allows you to practice the way you play.

The patented design of the Fairway Pro includes a top turf tray that reacts when it's impacted by a club.

The turf tray slides forward and gives way, that is, it reacts the same way natural turf does, allowing you to hit down-and-through. Unlike the typical stationary range mats that force you to alter your swing - sometimes without even realizing it - to compensate for the problem of club head bounce on stationary range mats, Fairway Pro lets you practice and groove your authentic swing. The result is, you experience the feel of hitting off the fairway and properly taking a divot. After the hit, the patented turf tray retraction mechanism immediately returns the turf tray back to its original at-rest position, ready for the next shot.


* Completely portable. Golfers can take it wherever they practice and don't have to settle for worn-out, unforgiving range mats.
* Manufactured with the finest materials, including high-strength aircraft aluminum, for light weight and strength.
* Premium turf experiences less wear and tear as it slides forward and avoids the full brunt of impact force.
* Turf can hold a regular tee and is also fully replaceable.
* Patented sliding turf tray is designed for performance and built for rugged service.
* Handle and panel assembly are detachable and can be reversed for left-handed golfers.
* Panel opens and folds under a stance mat for added stability.
* The turf tray slides forward when impacted by the club, reducing shock to golfer's body and potential for injury. This is especially true with fat shots.
* Fairway Pro gives truer feedback on your golf shots. With range mats, when you hit behind the ball, the club may still bounce off the hard surface into the ball, and the ball takes off as if you've executed a good hit. With Fairway Pro, you'll know if you've hit behind the ball because the impact will cause the turf tray to start sliding forward and the club head will hit the ball with much less force. The ball flight will be affected when you hit a bad shot on Fairway Pro, as it would on real grass.
* Because Fairway Pro provides truer feedback, golfers can practice shaping different shots and their short game.